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Garrett Historical Society: Schools


Schools within the Garrett area and school related photos

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Prater Girls
Rock Fork School Students

Picture 1: Bonnie Prater

Picture 2: Patricia Prater

All photos unknown. Possibly from Rock Fork School

Rock Fork Students, 1950s
Photo taken in Rock Fork of Garrett

1974 Garrett Grade School Basketball
Garrett Grade School Basketball "B" Team

Front L to R: Rodney Prater, Mike Prater, Robby Turner, Randy Bentley, Larry Shepherd, Roger Prater and Steve Moore

Back L to R: Coach Jackie Conley, Ricky Bentley, Elisha Jacobs, Doug Harvey, Keith…

1952 Basketball Team and Cheerleaders
Cheerleaders: Eveleen Bolen, Wilma Amburgey, and Glenna Dean Frasure

1st Row: (Manager) Roy Lyons, Jackie Stevens, Adrian Lovely, Ivan Lovely, Burchell Duff, Charles Patton, Delmas Clemons (Manager)

2nd Row: (Principal) Charles Clark, Paul…

6th Grade Boys, 1970s
Back Row: Ricky Jacobs, Jerry Jones, Bert or Brent Bolen, Richard Jones

Second Row: Michael Prater, Joe Scott, Tony Jones, Brooks Conley, Cledith Howard, Pete Mills

Front Row: James Prater, Timmy Conley, Stanley Collins, Bobby Vanderpool, Paul…

Lisa Ousley with 7th grade Teacher Dave Hensley
Photo taken at Garrett School

Naomi Oakley and Friend
Picture 1: Naomi Oakley (left) and Unknown. Photo taken at Garrett School.

Picture 2: Naomi Oakley (right) and Unknown
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