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Program, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning the dedication of Highlands Regional Medical Center on November 26, 1972.
A letter from Floyd Davis written to his family while he was a soldier in Europe. Though he was not well educated, the content of the letter shows the clarity of his mind and thought. His handwriting was normally much worse, suggesting he was in a…

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First United Methodist Church Stained Glass Windows
Item 1: Stained Glass Windows - When the contracts were let for First Methodist of Prestonsburg (then the Methodist Episcopal Church, South) the pewage and windows were exempted from the contracts. The Church's building committee contracted with a…
This news clipping is from the Courier Journal. It describes the public offices held by the Hill family (prior to Ed Hill becaming Chief Apellate Judge).
This 1916 news clipping is from the scrapbook of Penny Fields, from the archives of the First United Methodist Church. It is a record of the pledges offered by businessmen toward the building of First United Methodist Church's original Sanctuary.

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