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The Patsy Teenagers were a singing group organized and paid for by the Princess Elkhorn Coal Company in David. The group used talent drawn from the children of their workmen to represent them at various coal-related meetings and functions. The group…
In 1949, Open Fork School was a two-room institution located on what would be the six and 1/2 mile of Route 850 at Good Loe, Kentucky. Edna Mae Castle Davis was one of the two teachers, and she took these photos.
This picture shows the Maytown Band in rehearsal with their leader Ms. Elsie Patrick.
The May Day Parade and Festival were big doings in Prestonsburg during the 1950s and early 1960s. These photographs belonged to Kathryn Frazier.

Picture 1: 1951 May Day Queen and her court

Picture 2: May Day participants on the Prestonsburg…
Picture 1: Theater marquee, circa 1951 or 1952

Picture 2: Inside the theater, taken circa late 1940s or early 1950s.
This picture is of the first company picnic of Kentucky Hydrocarbon in Langley (Maytown). Pictured, from left to right, are: Thomas Jones, Franklin Salisbury, Unknown, Edgar "Mutt" Herald, Kenneth Blevins, Manor "Crow" Manual.
Picture 1: Kathryn as a young girl on her pony on the Stumbo Farm at McDowell. Circa 1920.

Picture 2: Kathyrn playing the organ at First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg, something she did for more than fifty years, as well as teach music…
Pictured on first row next to the last person sitting is Ed Bentley.

Davis was born on Right Beaver and died there, but led an interesting life, having twice walked out to Missouri with his uncles, the Riddles. He walked back both times, becoming dissatisfied. The second time finding that his parents had moved back to…
Picture 1: John Wesley Huff with his children by his first wife (Belle Baldridge). The little girls sitting, from left to right: Maude, Lonnie, Sally, Susan (called Sue). Standing, left to right: Ella, John Wesley, Allen, and Minta.

Picture 2:…
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