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Picture 1: Pictured is Johnnie B. Stephens and child in front of Elkhorn Coal Company Store in Martin

Picture 2: Inside of store, woman unknown.
The Frazier Fabrics store was located on Main Street in Martin. The building was owned by the Maddox family.
This picture is of the first company picnic of Kentucky Hydrocarbon in Langley (Maytown). Pictured, from left to right, are: Thomas Jones, Franklin Salisbury, Unknown, Edgar "Mutt" Herald, Kenneth Blevins, Manor "Crow" Manual.
Picture 1: Theater marquee, circa 1951 or 1952

Picture 2: Inside the theater, taken circa late 1940s or early 1950s.
Picture 1: John Wesley Huff with his children by his first wife (Belle Baldridge). The little girls sitting, from left to right: Maude, Lonnie, Sally, Susan (called Sue). Standing, left to right: Ella, John Wesley, Allen, and Minta.

Picture 2:…
Pictures 1-3 are from the first Middle Creek National Battlefield reenactment in 2008.

Picture 4: Roger Davis, taken Jan 10, 2009

Picture 5: Volley of honor for those who fought and died at Middle Creek, 1-10-09

Picture 6: Patrick Davis,…
Edna Castle Davis at Caney College Cottage in Lexington, Kentucky, in the early 1940s. Alice Lloyd maintained (and still maintains) a residence for promising students of the college in Lexington in which they may live while attending the University…
Sarah Jane Reffett (in her coffin) surrounded by her children and family. Edna Castle Davis is second standing from the left, supported by her cousin and former teacher Alma Lowe. The picture was taken at the John G. Reffett Cemetery in Pitts Fork.

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