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Dissolution Certificate Elk Horn Fuel Company Mar 29, 1916.pdf
File One: Dissolution Certificate Elk Horn Fuel Company
File Two: Correspondence from Elk Horn Fuel to Elk Horn Coal Corp

garrett company store.jpg
Picture 1 and 2: Storefront

Picture 3: Side view of the Company Store, taken from the Allen home. Pictured in the background is the old Fountain.

Picture 4: Company Store on fire in 1965


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The man in the back row wearing a hat is Byron Stafford. The girl on the top row far right is Dolly (Moore) Pettrey

garrett sub station.jpg

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Estill Flood Edit 6.JPG
Flood at Estill (near Wayland and Glo), Floyd County, Kentucky. Photo labeled "High Tide, Wayland, Ky., March 11, 1914."

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