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Patton discusses being a young woman during the Great Depression, including her chores, games she liked to play, her first job, making clothes, and cooking. She describes men walking to the mines, seeing a car for the first time, having the first…
Recording 1: Hayes discusses his family history and shares stories from his childhood. He talks about beginning to teach children at church and describes what religion and prayer mean to him. He discusses what he hopes to instill in the young people…
Picture 1: circa 1920s

Picture 2: during the 1957 or 1963 flood

Picture 3: New building, circa 1970s

139. Orbit Hayes Frances Murray 1920s.jpg
Orbit Hayes and Frances Murray

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126. (CROPPED)Wayland.jpg
Photo taken during picnic with friends at High Rocks near Wayland, KY

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70. Baptism at Wayland Early 1920s-Dam behind Ball Park.jpg
Baptism at Wayland, dam behind Ball Park

7 Historical Letters-Elk Horn.pdf

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6 Historical Letters-Elk Horn.pdf

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Compensation Book (smaller).pdf
Lists compensation of injuries and fatalities of employees from 1922-1954.

Store Building Contract.pdf
Contract dated September 30, 1926 between J.J. West and Elk Horn Coal Corporation for the erection of a Store Building in Wayland.
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