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Elizabeth Francis Hall Home.jpg
Photograph taken in Stonecoal of Garrett, KY

Photo taken in McDowell, KY in a field next to McDowell High School


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Garrett, KY

Photo taken in West Garrett

Pictured are Mary Sexton, Lucy Sexton, Unknown, Fanny Sexton, Joel Sexton (baby), Bessie Sexton, Leonard Sexton, William Sexton, and Martha Mae Sexton, Fay Sexton in Garrett, KY

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Located on Front Street of Garrett, KY

Tradition held that when a church member had a birthday, they donated the number of their age to the small church bank.

Picture 1: Old Garrett Bridge (pre-1945)
Picture 2: The collapse of the first Garrett bridge happened when some heavy equipment tried to cross the bridge. The present bridge was built in 1945
Picture 3: Charlie Goodman on Garrett Bridge

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