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Photo taken before a ball game
A letter from Floyd Davis written to his family while he was a soldier in Europe. Though he was not well educated, the content of the letter shows the clarity of his mind and thought. His handwriting was normally much worse, suggesting he was in a…

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Sarah Jane Reffett (in her coffin) surrounded by her children and family. Edna Castle Davis is second standing from the left, supported by her cousin and former teacher Alma Lowe. The picture was taken at the John G. Reffett Cemetery in Pitts Fork.

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Edna Castle Davis at Caney College Cottage in Lexington, Kentucky, in the early 1940s. Alice Lloyd maintained (and still maintains) a residence for promising students of the college in Lexington in which they may live while attending the University…

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Picture 1: This picture of the members of the Martin Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was taken in 1947 by Alma Ruth Salisbury Edwards.

Picture 2: Pictured in front of the church are members Alafair Flanery, Ellen Flanery…
Picture 1: Alma Reffett-Lowe is the standing adult all the way to the left and Edna Mae Castle Davis is squatting in the front row before her.

Picture 2: Behind the woman and children is Pitts Fork School. This is the last building to be used,…

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Picture 1: Alamander (Alka) Davis driving his yokes of oxen; pulling a steam boiler into the wilds of either Licking or Quick Sand. Davis was a contractor and drove oxen, horses, and mules.

Picture 2: Sitting with his favorite dog, Eisenhower.…
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