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19 1947 Class Trip.jpg
Row 1: Eddie Craft, Charles Martin, Marcus Gibson, David Watson, Clyde King, Jim Bates, Virgil Hall, E.A. Smith, Doyle Cook, Unknown, Mr. L.B. Price, Bus Driver, Bill Steve Evans
Row 2: Doris Allen, Anna Lee Fraley, Wilma Elkins, Unknown, Verna Mae…

18 1948 Class Trip.jpg
Row 1: Maxwell Adkins, Kenneth Roberts, Woodrow Hall, Charles H. Tufts, Mr. L.B. Price, Herbert Jones, Benny Slone, Dathan Cook, John Nalle, Doug Castle

Row 2: Miss Thelma Daniels, Unknown, Locie Davis, Charlene Bradley, Willa Dean Martin, Bus…

103 Wayland Schools.jpg
First small majorettes at Wayland. Maude Ellen Hatcher (left) and Judith A. Price marched with the high school band

17 1949 Class Trip Donated by Will R. Craft.jpg
Row 1: Joe Hopper, Dickie Harmon, Granvel Smith, Marvin Fraley, James Buford Slone, Tommy Meadows, Bob Berkley, Bob Hatcher, R.L. Connors, Jack Stewart, Bruce Fraley, Teddy Roberts, Daniels Collins, Charles King

Row 2: Mildred Rollins, Bertie…
Picture 1: Alamander (Alka) Davis driving his yokes of oxen; pulling a steam boiler into the wilds of either Licking or Quick Sand. Davis was a contractor and drove oxen, horses, and mules.

Picture 2: Sitting with his favorite dog, Eisenhower.…

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105. Wayland.jpg
Picture 1: L-R: Bill Prince, Leon Murphy, Dennis Crager, Ed Martin, Denver Collier, Ernest McKenzie

Picture 2: L-R: Bell Prince, Leon Murphy, Doug Castle, Ed Martin, Denver Collier, Ernest McKenzie, Dennis Crager

Picture 3: L-R: Ernest…

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107. Wayland.jpg
Carol Crager (L), Dee Wallace Tufts (R)

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