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Dr. Mark Dempsey's office in Garrett, KY

Pictured is his son, Chester Dempsey, standing in the doorway and unknown sitting in chair in front.

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Picture 1: Carol Collins holding Bonnie Collins in front of Collins Grocery Store, located in West Garrett, KY

Picture 2: Weddle Hicks standing in front of Collins Grocery Store

Photograph taken in Turkey Creek

Photograph taken in Baptist Bottom of Garrett

Compensation Book (smaller).pdf
Lists compensation of injuries and fatalities of employees from 1922-1954.

6 Boys Home Ec Class 1952 Mrs. Webb (teacher), Patsy Jones (Guest)-Donated by Nellie Webb (Sept 1998).jpg
Delano Polly, Melvin Wicker, Bill Irish, Bill Dutch Griffith, Edsel Slone, Jimmy Kane, Gene Haun, Roby Brown, Don Roop.

Absent: Jim Fraley, Earl G Branham.

Guest: Patsy Jones.

Teacher: Mrs. Webb

38 Latin Class-Teacher Lassie Hatcher Wayland High School Bob Hatcher center 1952.jpg
Teacher Lassie Hatcher
Bob Hatcher center

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