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Compensation Book (smaller).pdf
Lists compensation of injuries and fatalities of employees from 1922-1954.

6 Boys Home Ec Class 1952 Mrs. Webb (teacher), Patsy Jones (Guest)-Donated by Nellie Webb (Sept 1998).jpg
Delano Polly, Melvin Wicker, Bill Irish, Bill Dutch Griffith, Edsel Slone, Jimmy Kane, Gene Haun, Roby Brown, Don Roop.

Absent: Jim Fraley, Earl G Branham.

Guest: Patsy Jones.

Teacher: Mrs. Webb

38 Latin Class-Teacher Lassie Hatcher Wayland High School Bob Hatcher center 1952.jpg
Teacher Lassie Hatcher
Bob Hatcher center

65 Wayland Schools.jpg
Photo taken by Earl Thompson

85A Wayland Schools.jpg
Photo 2: Mr. L.B. Price

91 Wayland Schools.jpg
New York City, 1955
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