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Row 1: Charles Beverly, Rosella Collins, Earnest Bowling, Ethel Beth Oney, Janet Conley, Reka Conley, Phyllis Childers

Row 2: Jessie Elliot, Sponsor, Delbert Sexton, Astor Collins, Bual Campbell, Harry Wallace, John Joseph, Ova May Moore, Elmer…

Picture 1, L-R: Dayday Duff, Don Hurt, Gary Slone, Dougie Turner

Picture 2: Dayday Duff

Burnis Gearheart and Garrett School band

1st Row: Darrell Johnson, Helen Miller, Shelia Gearheart, Betty Allen, Gene Coburn, Georgia Horne, Sharon Allen, Joan Martin, Robert Griffith, Jon Clark.

2nd Row: Gaylord Martin, Mike Clark, Dianne Prater, Connie Adkins, Larry Shipley, Dewey…

93 Wayland High School Band 1951 (maybe).jpg
Row4: Unknown

Row 3: Unknown, Unknown, Claudia Wakeland, Bobby Dixon, Ms. Hayes, Carolyn Price, Buddy T. Branham, Patty Hopper

Row 2: Franklin ?, Unknown, Unknown, Marty G Mosley, ? Childers, Billy A. Cooley, Billy J. Fannin

Row 1: Maude…

95 Wayland Band 1958.jpg
R4: Mary R Slone, R. Cook, Unknown, Unknown, Hugh Heniger, Billie Frady, Donna Watkins, C. Morgan

R3: Glenna Little, Unknown, Maude Hatcher, Charlene Sexton, Unknown, Brenda Banks, Sandy Fraley, Unknown, Mr. Price

R2: Mary K. Smith, Jack…
This picture shows the Maytown Band in rehearsal with their leader Ms. Elsie Patrick.
Martin High School Band performing their school song, "Loyal and True" during a basketball game in 1970 or 1971.
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