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garrett company store.jpg
Picture 1 and 2: Storefront

Picture 3: Side view of the Company Store, taken from the Allen home. Pictured in the background is the old Fountain.

Picture 4: Company Store on fire in 1965

Store Building Contract.pdf
Contract dated September 30, 1926 between J.J. West and Elk Horn Coal Corporation for the erection of a Store Building in Wayland.
David had a Commissary in town and a Service Station in Permel that were part of the Mallory Stores (James and David Francis). At the very end they were run by Island Creek Coal. This store at David was the very last in Floyd County. The Company last…
Picture 1: Pictured is Johnnie B. Stephens and child in front of Elkhorn Coal Company Store in Martin

Picture 2: Inside of store, woman unknown.
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