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Patton discusses being a young woman during the Great Depression, including her chores, games she liked to play, her first job, making clothes, and cooking. She describes men walking to the mines, seeing a car for the first time, having the first…
Recording 1: Hayes discusses his family history and shares stories from his childhood. He talks about beginning to teach children at church and describes what religion and prayer mean to him. He discusses what he hopes to instill in the young people…
Webb talks about the murder of John Huff in Hueysville. He discusses Huff's family history, standing in the community, and the shock of the murder.
Davis was born on Right Beaver and died there, but led an interesting life, having twice walked out to Missouri with his uncles, the Riddles. He walked back both times, becoming dissatisfied. The second time finding that his parents had moved back to…
Also called: Bill Francis General Store, The Francis Building, Francis Hotel

Picture 2 was taken during the May 1927 flood.
Also known as Estep Branch and Leck Martin Branch

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Pictured on first row next to the last person sitting is Ed Bentley.


Picture 2: During 1957 Flood
Picture 3: Lee Etta Howard
The Amusement Hall was located where Snyder's Service Station was located. This building housed a movie theater, a pool hall, a soda fountain and a barber shop. At one time silent movies were shown, and a Mrs. Banks played music.
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