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Elizabeth Francis Hall Home.jpg
Photograph taken in Stonecoal of Garrett, KY

Picture 1: This is a house that sat almost at the end of Garrett hollow, at one time housing the Marshall Bessie family

Picture 2: Another Garrett Hollow house, at one time housing the Joey Stephens family

Picture 3: This little shack was…

Manager's House Contract.compressed.pdf
Contract dated October 20, 1926 between J.J. West, Inc. and Elk Horn Coal Corporation for the erection of Manager’s House in Garrett, Kentucky

Five 5-Room Houses Contract.compressed.pdf
Contract dated November 16, 1926 between Elk Horn Coal Corporation and J.J. West Erection of Five 5-Room Houses in Wayland

Sixty 3-Room Houses at Wayland Contract.pdf
Building contract dated October 21, 1926 between Elk Horn Coal Corporation and J.J. West for sixty 3-Room houses in Wayland

11. Dormitory at Wayland.jpg
Company store, 104 duplexes, and 13 single family houses. All houses had electricity and were heated by gas, but did not have indoor plumbing.

Founded by the Elk Horn Coal Company, the town name was changed from "Ballard" to "Garrett" in 1914, for…
Recording 1: Hayes discusses his family history and shares stories from his childhood. He talks about beginning to teach children at church and describes what religion and prayer mean to him. He discusses what he hopes to instill in the young people…
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