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News clipping from Floyd County Times

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Row 1: Gerald Philips, Florence Mary Donohoe, Mildred Crager, Pansy M. Slone, Waldo Smith, Gladys Payne, Gentry Smith

Row 2: Marjorie Hornsby, Joe Stewart, Mary Evelyn Layne, Joe Mather, Nellie Marie Leslie

Row 3: Leuvenia Lemons, Elbie…
Picture 1: Wesley and Cherub Choirs, 1963 or 1964

Picture 2: Easter 1963 or 1964 - Chancel, Rhythmic and Wesley Choirs.
Back row: Ernest Hopkins, Arthur Haywood, Johnny Spurlock, Chabner Frazier, Bill Fannin, Philip Haywood, Bill Frazier, Bob…
Items 1-2: Shave Permit and Cosmetic Permit. Participants were required to pay $1 for a permit to shave or wear makeup in the county.

Item 3: Newspaper clipping from the July 5, 1950 Courier-Journal.
This news clipping is from the May 26, 1955 issue of the Floyd County Times.
Item 1: First Annual Kentucky Highlands Folk Festival Program on June 24-26, 1966.

Item 2: News clipping from May 25, 1974 concerning the representation of the Kentucky Highlands Folk Festival at a Kentucky Bicentennial Events Celebration in…
Program, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning the dedication of Highlands Regional Medical Center on November 26, 1972.
This news clipping is from the Courier Journal. It describes the public offices held by the Hill family (prior to Ed Hill becaming Chief Apellate Judge).
This 1916 news clipping is from the scrapbook of Penny Fields, from the archives of the First United Methodist Church. It is a record of the pledges offered by businessmen toward the building of First United Methodist Church's original Sanctuary.
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