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Five 5-Room Houses Contract.compressed.pdf
Contract dated November 16, 1926 between Elk Horn Coal Corporation and J.J. West Erection of Five 5-Room Houses in Wayland

Moving Picture Theatre Contract.pdf
Contract dated May 21, 1927 between Elk Horn Coal Corporation and J.J. West, Inc. for the erection of a Moving Picture Theatre, Meat Market, Colored Church, Lodge Room, and Theatre for Colored in Wayland, Kentucky

Sixty 3-Room Houses at Wayland Contract.pdf
Building contract dated October 21, 1926 between Elk Horn Coal Corporation and J.J. West for sixty 3-Room houses in Wayland

Store Building Contract..pdf
Contract dated September 30, 1926 between J.J. West and Elk Horn Coal Corporation for the erection of a Store Building in Wayland.

Compensation Book (smaller).pdf
Lists compensation of injuries and fatalities of employees from 1922-1954.

2 Wayland Schools.jpg

3 Stampers Branch School - Donated by Curtis W. Tufts.jpg

5 Wayland Schools.jpg
Photo taken in front of Stillcreek Old Regular Baptist Church in Wayland, Kentucky.

Row 1: Unknown, ? Quisberry, Unknown, Kermit Allen, ? Smart, Jack Moore

Row 2: Bernice Turner, Unknown, Allma Smart, Unknown, Robert Cook, Unknown

Row 3:…
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