Inland Gas Pumping Station at Midas


Inland Gas Pumping Station at Midas


The building is the Inland Gas Pumping Station at Midas. This compressor station had been in place since the late 1920s, first in Mud Lick and later in its present location at Midas. It generated its own electricity and had a five house "camp" where men who serviced the pumping station lived in relative comfort in company-owned housing. Taylor Reffett was superintendent of the station. From right to left: Taylor Reffett, Floyd Davis, Floyd D. Davis.

Floyd Davis used to speak of the electric lights glowing in the morning in and around the pump station when he walked out of Brush Creek to work on the W.P.A. Road (Old Route 80) going up Right Beaver Creek, and the Blue Eagle Flag of the New Deal Flew just under the American Flag by the office. The was no electricity anywhere on Right Beaver except the coal camps in those days.




Submitted by Floyd D. Davis




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