Items in the Photographs Collection

Wheelwright Swimming Pool, circa 1950
This image was taken from the Floyd County Sesquicentennial program.

Alka Davis and Bill Reffett with harvested tree, 1930s
Alka (Alamander) Davis and Bill (William) Reffett were partners in a lumber company that operated in Jobe Turner Branch at Eastern, Kentucky, on Right Beaver in the 1930s. Alka Davis (standing on the left) was only about 5' 6" tall, so the two-man…

Spring Festival at Prestonsburg Elementary, 1948
Photo taken before a ball game

Inland Gas Pumping Station at Midas
The building is the Inland Gas Pumping Station at Midas. This compressor station had been in place since the late 1920s, first in Mud Lick and later in its present location at Midas. It generated its own electricity and had a five house "camp" where…

First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg Kindergarten
First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg was among the first to operate an organized kindergarten as a part of its service program. It was taught by Ms. Mable Lemaster.

May Day Parade and Festival, 1951
The May Day Parade and Festival were big doings in Prestonsburg during the 1950s and early 1960s. These photographs belonged to Kathryn Frazier.

Picture 1: 1951 May Day Queen and her court

Picture 2: May Day participants on the Prestonsburg…

First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg Choir
Picture 1: Wesley and Cherub Choirs, 1963 or 1964

Picture 2: Easter 1963 or 1964 - Chancel, Rhythmic and Wesley Choirs.
Back row: Ernest Hopkins, Arthur Haywood, Johnny Spurlock, Chabner Frazier, Bill Fannin, Philip Haywood, Bill Frazier, Bob…

Prestonsburg High School National Honor Society, 1969
The sponsor was Ms. Betty Dale, the mature lady standing in the front row.

Arrena Hicks Davis (1888-1971)
Picture 1: Arrena Hicks Davis as a young mother in 1916. Floyd Davis is the baby in her lap. The picture was taken by Joseph Hicks at Hippo, Kentucky.

Picture 2: Taken at Davis' funeral in March of 1971. Pictured are her husband Alka and eight…

Floyd Davis, WWII
Pictures 1 and 2: Floyd Davis.
Davis enlisted in 1940 and had completed basic training before the war began. When Pearl Harbor was bombed he was shipped to Iceland to defend the North Atlantic Shipping Lanes so vital to keeping Great Britain in the…

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