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Postcard featuring the May Lodge at Jenny Wiley State Park

Also called: Bill Francis General Store, The Francis Building, Francis Hotel

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Local Union 5895.pdf
Twentieth Anniversary of Local Union 5895 United Mine Workers of America 1933-1953. Wayland, Kentucky. Originally printed June 20, 1953. Reprinted May 2005.

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Written by Henry Preston Scalf. Includes essays concerning the history of Floyd County, photograph reproductions, tributes, and advertisements.
Includes participants from schools in McDowell, Martin, Wayland, Wheelwright, Prestonsburg, Maytown, and Betsy Layne.

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Items 1-2: Shave Permit and Cosmetic Permit. Participants were required to pay $1 for a permit to shave or wear makeup in the county.

Item 3: Newspaper clipping from the July 5, 1950 Courier-Journal.
This news clipping is from the May 26, 1955 issue of the Floyd County Times.
Item 1: First Annual Kentucky Highlands Folk Festival Program on June 24-26, 1966.

Item 2: News clipping from May 25, 1974 concerning the representation of the Kentucky Highlands Folk Festival at a Kentucky Bicentennial Events Celebration in…
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