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Rock Fork School Students

Picture 1: Bonnie Prater

Picture 2: Patricia Prater

All photos unknown. Possibly from Rock Fork School

Photo taken in Rock Fork of Garrett

Garrett Grade School Basketball "B" Team

Front L to R: Rodney Prater, Mike Prater, Robby Turner, Randy Bentley, Larry Shepherd, Roger Prater and Steve Moore

Back L to R: Coach Jackie Conley, Ricky Bentley, Elisha Jacobs, Doug Harvey, Keith…

Cheerleaders: Eveleen Bolen, Wilma Amburgey, and Glenna Dean Frasure

1st Row: (Manager) Roy Lyons, Jackie Stevens, Adrian Lovely, Ivan Lovely, Burchell Duff, Charles Patton, Delmas Clemons (Manager)

2nd Row: (Principal) Charles Clark, Paul…

Back Row: Ricky Jacobs, Jerry Jones, Bert or Brent Bolen, Richard Jones

Second Row: Michael Prater, Joe Scott, Tony Jones, Brooks Conley, Cledith Howard, Pete Mills

Front Row: James Prater, Timmy Conley, Stanley Collins, Bobby Vanderpool, Paul…

Photo taken at Garrett School

Picture 1: Naomi Oakley (left) and Unknown. Photo taken at Garrett School.

Picture 2: Naomi Oakley (right) and Unknown

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