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Annis Clark Interview.mp3
Clark talks about the history of Garrett, including the school, bridges, local businesses, passenger trains, and the town jail.

Photo taken before a ball game
First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg was among the first to operate an organized kindergarten as a part of its service program. It was taught by Ms. Mable Lemaster.
This news clipping is from the May 26, 1955 issue of the Floyd County Times.
The sponsor was Ms. Betty Dale, the mature lady standing in the front row.
This picture shows the Maytown Band in rehearsal with their leader Ms. Elsie Patrick.

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Rob Barnett teaching at Bucks Branch School. Pupils include Delores Flanery Dingus
Picture 1: Alma Reffett-Lowe is the standing adult all the way to the left and Edna Mae Castle Davis is squatting in the front row before her.

Picture 2: Behind the woman and children is Pitts Fork School. This is the last building to be used,…

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