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Annis Clark Interview.mp3
Clark talks about the history of Garrett, including the school, bridges, local businesses, passenger trains, and the town jail.

Winchester Francis Interview.mp3
Francis talks about his parents' store and hotel in the Francis Building in Garrett, completed in 1929.

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Recording 1: Patton shares stories about the Hueysville community, especially practical jokes his father played.

Recording 2: Patton shares more stories from the community. He talks about Garrett Theater, fox hunting, his father pulling teeth,…
Webb talks about the murder of John Huff in Hueysville. He discusses Huff's family history, standing in the community, and the shock of the murder.
Recording 1: Hayes discusses his family history and shares stories from his childhood. He talks about beginning to teach children at church and describes what religion and prayer mean to him. He discusses what he hopes to instill in the young people…
Interview includes a transcript, with notes explaining places, family connections, and some words.
Patton discusses being a young woman during the Great Depression, including her chores, games she liked to play, her first job, making clothes, and cooking. She describes men walking to the mines, seeing a car for the first time, having the first…
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