Interview with Rondal Hayes


Interview with Rondal Hayes


Recording 1: Hayes discusses his family history and shares stories from his childhood. He talks about beginning to teach children at church and describes what religion and prayer mean to him. He discusses what he hopes to instill in the young people he teaches.

Recording 2: Hayes talks about the history of the Hueysville Church of Christ. He discusses the donation of land for the church and its construction, which began in 1909. He talks about the church's ideology, and women in the early days of the church. He describes the first records of the church, the use of the upstairs, his hopes for the future of the church and its current purpose. Hayes discusses the presence of the Ku Klux Klan and early preachers of the church. He describes working at his store (F.P. Hayes General Store) alongside his father.

Recording 3: Hayes talks about his family's experience during the Great Depression. He discusses his father's store and personality. He talks about taking positions in the church and his dislike for preaching at funerals. He describes Alice Lloyd College's involvement in his community, his school building burning down, and the teachers he had as a boy.

Recording 4: Hayes talks about his childhood, including games he played and how Christmas was celebrated. He talks about practical jokes played in Hueysville, shares tales from his father's store (F.P. Hayes General Store), and describes members of the community. He talks about the development of his father's store and the construction of the railroad beside the church.

Recording 5: Hayes talks about Garrett Theater and what he did for fun as a boy. He shares several stories about fox hunting.

Recording 6: Hayes talks more about fox hunting. He discusses his grandmother, fear, coal camp houses, and old practices in coal mining.


June 6, 1979


Submitted by Richard and Susan Salisbury.


Susan Patton Salisbury


Rondal Hayes


Hueysville, Kentucky




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