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31 1936.jpg
Row 1: Gerald Philips, Florence Mary Donohoe, Mildred Crager, Pansy M. Slone, Waldo Smith, Gladys Payne, Gentry Smith

Row 2: Marjorie Hornsby, Joe Stewart, Mary Evelyn Layne, Joe Mather, Nellie Marie Leslie

Row 3: Leuvenia Lemons, Elbie…

32 1933.jpg
Row 1: Angie Beckner, Bonnie Sparks, Maxine Parker, Marie Daniels, Dorothy Litteral

Row 2: Dorothy Frady, John Stewart, Tommy Wallace, Jerry Griffith, Anna Martin

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5. Birdseye1939.jpg
This bird's eye view of Wayland made in 1939 from atop a hill behind the high school shows the turntable at the bottom middle, the company store, the fountain, the hotel, and the hospital. Just above the hospital is the ball park later to become…

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39. Wayland Turn Tables turns trains 1938.jpg

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