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Compensation Book (smaller).pdf
Lists compensation of injuries and fatalities of employees from 1922-1954.

5 Wayland Schools.jpg
Photo taken in front of Stillcreek Old Regular Baptist Church in Wayland, Kentucky.

Row 1: Unknown, ? Quisberry, Unknown, Kermit Allen, ? Smart, Jack Moore

Row 2: Bernice Turner, Unknown, Allma Smart, Unknown, Robert Cook, Unknown

Row 3:…

78 Wayland Schools.jpg
Row 1: Virgie Stambaugh, Janice Hornsby, Kenova Copley, Herma Daniels, Donald Frasure, Elmo Dyer, Hazel Gibson, Pocahontas Layne, Carl Ledie

Row 2: Evelyn Kane, Unknown, Thelma Burnett, Unknown, Mary Elizabeth Crager, Margie Hornsby, Dorothy…

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104A Wayland Schools.jpg
Chalmer Frazier (Coach), ? Griffith (Manager)

Players: Ballard Mills, Bill Frady, Haskell Hopper, Euan Mills, Gordon Sturgill, Freddie Terry, Tommy Bukovich, Evan Mills

31 1936.jpg
Row 1: Gerald Philips, Florence Mary Donohoe, Mildred Crager, Pansy M. Slone, Waldo Smith, Gladys Payne, Gentry Smith

Row 2: Marjorie Hornsby, Joe Stewart, Mary Evelyn Layne, Joe Mather, Nellie Marie Leslie

Row 3: Leuvenia Lemons, Elbie…

32 1933.jpg
Row 1: Angie Beckner, Bonnie Sparks, Maxine Parker, Marie Daniels, Dorothy Litteral

Row 2: Dorothy Frady, John Stewart, Tommy Wallace, Jerry Griffith, Anna Martin

6 Trade-Mark Certificates.pdf

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5 Trade-Mark Certificates.pdf

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2 Trade-Mark Certificates.pdf

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