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This is Garrett School when it was in the Stone Coal Old Regular Church (built in 1808) at Baptist Bottom. The building was used as a church on Sunday and a school through the week.

The only two people known in this photo are professor William…

Photo taken in McDowell, KY in a field next to McDowell High School

Located on Front Street of Garrett, KY

Tradition held that when a church member had a birthday, they donated the number of their age to the small church bank.

Photograph taken in Baptist Bottom of Garrett

Moving Picture Theatre Contract.pdf
Contract dated May 21, 1927 between Elk Horn Coal Corporation and J.J. West, Inc. for the erection of a Moving Picture Theatre, Meat Market, Colored Church, Lodge Room, and Theatre for Colored in Wayland, Kentucky

19. (CROPPED) Wayland.jpg
Written on bottom of picture: The church around the corner

63. Jimenez Maggard Studio Ashland, KY 1938.jpg
Photograph taken by Jimenez Maggard Studio in Ashland, KY

69. Gobbler's Knob Baptism at Glo.jpg

70. Baptism at Wayland Early 1920s-Dam behind Ball Park.jpg
Baptism at Wayland, dam behind Ball Park
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