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FloydCoMarriages Book32.pdf

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FloydCoMarriages 1866-1893 from Marriage Index Books.pdf
List of names of brides and grooms with file index numbers and year married as found in the Floyd County, Kentucky Marriage Index. These were copied because they do not, for the most part, appear in the Floyd County, Kentucky Bond Books.

FloydCoMarriages Full Name Index Marriage Bond Books 4-7.pdf

Floyd Co Marriage Certificates Dec 1897-Jan 1898.pdf

Floyd County Marriage Bonds Book 142 May 1969-July 1972.pdf

FloydCoMarriageRecords Book 137 (1957-1959).pdf

FloydCo Marriage Book 119 (Sep 1949- Jan 1950).pdf

FloydCo Marriage Book 120 (Jan 1950-June 1950).pdf

FloydCo Marriage Book 121 (June 1950-Sept 1950).pdf
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