Friends of Middle Creek, Inc.


Friends of Middle Creek, Inc.


A large part of the mission of the Friends of Middle Creek is educational. The actual history of the Battle of Middle Creek had been almost lost by local citizens. Following a 2009 reenactment, the Friends undertook to hold a yearly commemoration of the Battle of Middle Creek on or near the actual date of the battle, which was January 10, 1862.


Pictures 1-3 are from the first Middle Creek National Battlefield reenactment in 2008.

Picture 4: Roger Davis, taken Jan 10, 2009

Picture 5: Volley of honor for those who fought and died at Middle Creek, 1-10-09

Picture 6: Patrick Davis, Heather Grass, and Rebecca Haywood, 1-10-09

Picture 7: The soldiers of the Friends' Guard at rest, 01-10-09

Picture 8: Rev. Jim Adams, Rebecca Haywood, and Heather Grass saying words of grace over the battlefield by the Discovery Rock. Reverend Adams pastured First United Methodist Church in Prestonsburg which was the only Church functioning in Prestonsburg at the time of the Civil War. It was also affiliated with the Southern Methodist Conference and was so the only denomination that would give Christian burials to Southern soldiers left lying on the battlefield.


Submitted by Floyd D. Davis




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