Patsy Teenagers


Patsy Teenagers


The Patsy Teenagers were a singing group organized and paid for by the Princess Elkhorn Coal Company in David. The group used talent drawn from the children of their workmen to represent them at various coal-related meetings and functions. The group also came to perform at cultural events as well and had a reputation for excellence. The Teenagers performed until the company collapsed financially in 1968.

Picture 1: Taken in Huntington, West Virginia in 1953.

Picture 2: Taken in the early 1960s.

Picture 3: Note the unusual hem to the dresses. The news clipping is attached to an attendance role for the group, giving at least a partial list of names.

Item 4: History of the Patsy Teenagers


Submitted by Floyd D. Davis/First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg Archives


Kathryn Stumbo Frazier (Choir Director)




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