James L. Hicks and Alice Delaney Ousley Hicks


James L. Hicks and Alice Delaney Ousley Hicks


James L. Hicks was a wealthy land holder on one side of Brush Creek Mountain who sold all his holdings to buy enough land to leave an inheritance of 50 acres to each of his 17 children on the other side of the mountain in a small community that came to be called Hippo. He helped organize the Pitts Fork School on one side of the mountain for his children, and when he moved, he helped organize the Brush Creek School on the other side for his grandchildren. He also contributed land and lumber to the building of the Philadelphia Regular Baptist Church at Hippo.

Alice Delaney Ousley Hicks was a midwife who delivered most of the children in the surrounding area and carefully registered them with the health department. Some of her books still survive. This couple contributed substantially to the health and education of their community.


circa 1916


Submitted by Floyd D. Davis






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