Arrena Hicks Davis (1888-1971)


Arrena Hicks Davis (1888-1971)


Picture 1: Arrena Hicks Davis as a young mother in 1916. Floyd Davis is the baby in her lap. The picture was taken by Joseph Hicks at Hippo, Kentucky.

Picture 2: Taken at Davis' funeral in March of 1971. Pictured are her husband Alka and eight surviving children as of that date. Back: Annie Shepherd, Sarah Reffett, Hattie Hughes, Rady Davis, and Joseph Davis. Front: Clara Hughes, Floyd Davis, Alka Davis, William (Jug) Davis. The picture was taken at Pyramid, Kentucky.

Davis lost only one child, Jimmy, to disease. He died of dysentery when he was ten despite all efforts. All her other children lived to adulthood.

Davis always churned her milk with a silver dime to stave off witches, wolves, and disease.


Submitted by Floyd D. Davis




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