Wayland High School Class of 1959


Wayland High School Class of 1959


Row 1: Mildred Craft, Bulah King, Sharon Hayes, Judy Price, Avonell Slone, Barbara Newsome, Alice Waddles, Judy Fraley, Anna Allen, Anna Wells, Shirley Howard

Row 2: Mr. L.B. Price, Ruth Childers, Fern Martin, Jackie Greathouse, Yvette Cable, Judy Hansford, Barbara Horne, Sylvia Gibson, Betty Moore, Maxine Bates, Mrs. Marguerite Harmon

Row 3: Paul Slone, Talamadge Craft, Charles Brady, John L. Hicks, Jim Bob Patton, Bruce Bentley, Louise Meade, Vera Patrick, Frankie Isaacs, Jewell Martin, Clovis Tuttle

Row 4: Lowell Beverly, Darrell Hall, Bobby Hoover, Herman Gibson, Cledith Hall, Ronnie Hall, Julius Holbrook, Gloria Rice, Maris Owsley, Wanoa King, Wanda Tuttle

Row 5: Robert Martin, Jimmy Holbrook, Roosevelt Webb, Shannon Nickles, Bobby Gibson, Russell Hall, Freddie Hall, Hugh Hennigar

Row 6: Curt Slone, Bobby Owsley, Eugene Tuttle, Rudolf Sturgil, Jim Rice, Sherill Callihan, Randolf Sturgil, Bill Turner




Wayland Historical Society


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