First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg Choir


First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg Choir


Picture 1: Wesley and Cherub Choirs, 1963 or 1964

Picture 2: Easter 1963 or 1964 - Chancel, Rhythmic and Wesley Choirs.
Back row: Ernest Hopkins, Arthur Haywood, Johnny Spurlock, Chabner Frazier, Bill Fannin, Philip Haywood, Bill Frazier, Bob Burchett, Print Ball.
6th Row: Freida Dorton, ? Roberts, Peggy Spurlock, Dorothy Wells, Phyllis Ranier, Effie Hoppins
5th Row: Anna May Mellon, Geneva Carter, Carlos Haywood
4th Row: Wesleys-Rebecca, Meg, Jeanie, Marilyn, Kathy, Marsha, and Sally
3rd Row: Unknown, Tommie Sue, Betsy Cottrell, Jenny Archer
2nd Row: Diana Burchett, Janey, Nancy, Johnny Lynn Allen, Pam, Mary Lou, Karen Miller, Unknown, Richard Dorton, Bill Roberts, Johnny Hereford
Rhythmics: Betsy Jo Hall Janny

Picture 3: Wesley Choir

Item 4: News clipping from the Floyd County Times concerning a choir trip to the United Kingdom

Item 5: News clipping from the May 19, 1974 Ashland Daily Independent concerning the choir's performance of selections from "Jesus Christ Superstar"


Submitted by Floyd D. Davis/First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg Archives




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