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Patton discusses being a young woman during the Great Depression, including her chores, games she liked to play, her first job, making clothes, and cooking. She describes men walking to the mines, seeing a car for the first time, having the first…
Picture 1: Kathryn as a young girl on her pony on the Stumbo Farm at McDowell. Circa 1920.

Picture 2: Kathyrn playing the organ at First United Methodist Church of Prestonsburg, something she did for more than fifty years, as well as teach music…
Picture 1: Arrena Hicks Davis as a young mother in 1916. Floyd Davis is the baby in her lap. The picture was taken by Joseph Hicks at Hippo, Kentucky.

Picture 2: Taken at Davis' funeral in March of 1971. Pictured are her husband Alka and eight…

Unknown, Unknown, Virgie Spencer (Postmaster), Unknown

Brenda O'Quinn, Garrett High School Homecoming Queen 1966

Top, L to R: Flossie Moore (teacher), Dora (Brown) Rector, Maudie Gayheart, Alma Amburgey.

Bottom, L to R: Annis (Conley) Clark, Ethel Neil

L to R: Virginia Alice Hornsby, Inez Delores Shelton, Edna Mae Ratliff, Miss Alpha Morgan, Dorothy Staley, Opal Shepherd, Helen Marie Coburn, Harriet Elizabeth Messer
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