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Deed between Tennis Coal Co and Ky River Coal Corp 1916.pdf
File One: Deed between Tennis Coal Co and Ky River Coal Corp
File Two: Tennis Coal Company Grantor List

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The male student body of the Stone Coal School in 1911.

This picture came from the Floyd County Times and was published in the May 28, 1980 issue (see link below). The original was provided to the newspaper by one of the students, Elmer Prater.…

Estill Flood Edit 6.JPG
Flood at Estill (near Wayland and Glo), Floyd County, Kentucky. Photo labeled "High Tide, Wayland, Ky., March 11, 1914."

garrett sub station.jpg

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The man in the back row wearing a hat is Byron Stafford. The girl on the top row far right is Dolly (Moore) Pettrey


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garrett company store.jpg
Picture 1 and 2: Storefront

Picture 3: Side view of the Company Store, taken from the Allen home. Pictured in the background is the old Fountain.

Picture 4: Company Store on fire in 1965
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