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Picture 1: John Wesley Huff with his children by his first wife (Belle Baldridge). The little girls sitting, from left to right: Maude, Lonnie, Sally, Susan (called Sue). Standing, left to right: Ella, John Wesley, Allen, and Minta.

Picture 2:…
James L. Hicks was a wealthy land holder on one side of Brush Creek Mountain who sold all his holdings to buy enough land to leave an inheritance of 50 acres to each of his 17 children on the other side of the mountain in a small community that came…

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Company store, 104 duplexes, and 13 single family houses. All houses had electricity and were heated by gas, but did not have indoor plumbing.

Founded by the Elk Horn Coal Company, the town name was changed from "Ballard" to "Garrett" in 1914, for…
Also known as Estep Branch and Leck Martin Branch

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The Amusement Hall was located where Snyder's Service Station was located. This building housed a movie theater, a pool hall, a soda fountain and a barber shop. At one time silent movies were shown, and a Mrs. Banks played music.
Picture 1: First United Methodist Church

Picture 2: First Methodist Church has gone through a number of developmental phases. There was a long period before the Civil War when the congregation was not "Churched" and met in open field, court…
Pictured in the front row (woman, sitting in a chair) is Elizabeth Reffett, wife of Civil War veteran Joseph Reffett and granddaughter of land grant recipient Johnathan Pitts. Her sons are lined up in the back; their children are in front of them.…

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Picture 1: Arrena Hicks Davis as a young mother in 1916. Floyd Davis is the baby in her lap. The picture was taken by Joseph Hicks at Hippo, Kentucky.

Picture 2: Taken at Davis' funeral in March of 1971. Pictured are her husband Alka and eight…
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