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Picture 1: Floyd Davis, plowing with the mule Jim in about 1971. This picture was taken in the garden beside his house, just below the old Pyramid Post Office

Picture 2: Floyd Davis with a truck he used to haul logs from Turner Branch at Eastern…
Picture 1: This picture of the members of the Martin Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was taken in 1947 by Alma Ruth Salisbury Edwards.

Picture 2: Pictured in front of the church are members Alafair Flanery, Ellen Flanery…
Picture 1: circa 1920s

Picture 2: during the 1957 or 1963 flood

Picture 3: New building, circa 1970s
Also called: Bill Francis General Store, The Francis Building, Francis Hotel

Picture 2 was taken during the May 1927 flood.
Program, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning the dedication of Highlands Regional Medical Center on November 26, 1972.
Item 1: First Annual Kentucky Highlands Folk Festival Program on June 24-26, 1966.

Item 2: News clipping from May 25, 1974 concerning the representation of the Kentucky Highlands Folk Festival at a Kentucky Bicentennial Events Celebration in…
Picture 1: Wesley and Cherub Choirs, 1963 or 1964

Picture 2: Easter 1963 or 1964 - Chancel, Rhythmic and Wesley Choirs.
Back row: Ernest Hopkins, Arthur Haywood, Johnny Spurlock, Chabner Frazier, Bill Fannin, Philip Haywood, Bill Frazier, Bob…

1 1972 Class Trip.jpg
Row 1: Cathy Hicks, Debi Warrens, Billie Thorpe, Valorie Hensley, Bonnie Thornsbury, Sandra Webb, Missy Nichols, Carol Combs, Sherry Martin, Carol Jacobs, Nonnie Bentley, Janie Webb, Maylynn Hicks, Paula Slone, Girdell Thornsberry, Liz Lee, Virginia…
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